Super Lifting Program


Picobio’s vision is to strive to realize human beauty, cosmeceutical skincare that communicate with your skin, skin care in achieving flawless looking skin and produces functional and quasi-drugs.

Super lifting Program is proudly manufactured and invented by Picobio laboratory in year 2008. The lifting pack is developed with their own patented ingredients and technology for the first time in the world.


We promise you professional-grade result for home remedy facial. We want to make every female a Phoenix, always youthful eternally, always confident, always beautiful. We know and understand the hassle of skincare routines- Often having to apply layers of skincare on your face religiously but yet, is inefficient in showing its effects. 

Being the world’s No.1 breakthrough skincare, Super Lifting program promises you the convenience and effectiveness efficiency. An “all in one” skincare routine is all you need. Immediate improvement after 1st application!


Various natural extracts such as Hovenia Dulcis fruit, Honeysuckle flower, Paeonia albiflora root, Peach leaf, Gingko biloba leaf, and PEPTIDE which is functional raw material such as acetyl hexapaptide-8 for skin structure improvement, copper tripeptide-1 for skin regeneration.

The lifting polymer is a refined water solution with gelation promoting ingredients.

The lifting pack is a highly concentrated essence made of purified water with skin improving ingredients wish brings you skin enhancement, pore reduction, whitening. lipolysis and wrinkle improvement.

The Wrinke Cream is used at the final step after washing off the lifting mask. It controls your skin balance between oil and moisture.

Professional Home Remedy

Studies shown that human should take good skin care starting at the age of 16 years old.  No need to book expensive treatments now you can boost your confidence and attractiveness with SLP! Men, Women all can use!

All In 1 Facial

The hassle of AM & PM skincare routine with numerous steps? We understand that! We have cut it down to just MIX-APPLY-WASH. And only twice a week!

Efficiency & Effective

Guaranteed improvements after first application!
With determination and trust in Super Lifting, you will definitely get the best result after 3 months of continuous usage.