Super Lifting Program


Made through 100% Nano-Capsulation technology process, Picobio Laboratory discovered ingredients with mainly Growth Factor Peptides and Nano-Encapsulation Technology that excels in skin absorption without damaging your skin or loosing the effectiveness. Picobio is the leading manufacturer in Cosmeceuticals in South Korea and had started their Cosmetic Business in Year 2002. Thus continuously with their technology innovation, research and development, they strive to make their products more accessible and affordable to all partners all over the world.


Natural Skin Toner

Protects your skin from internal and external stimuli by enforcing skin moisturizing functions with antigerm and anti-inflammation, as well as PH balancing functions.

Natural Emulsion

Accelerates skin improvement by enforcing moisturizing and increasing the absorbency of various nutritious ingredients.

Natural Essence


100% Nano-capsulation technology enables peptides with smaller particles to maximize absorption into your skin.

Peptides are amino acids that are the building blocks of certain proteins needed by the skin, like collagen and elastin. Using a serum or moisturizer that contains peptides can lead to firmer, younger-looking skin and maybe even fewer breakouts. Peptides are generally considered safe, and while they’re a promising skin care ingredient, more research is needed on their efficacy.

Elastin is a protein that gives skin — and other tissues and organs throughout your body — elasticity. Along with collagen, elastin is a major structural protein in the skin.  Elastin is 1000 times more flexible than collagen, meaning elastin can stretch and recoil like a Slinky.


  1. During morning and night, gently massage it into your clean and dry skin.
  2. Apply sunscreen after emulsion has been absorbed into your skin.
  3. Best used with Super Lifting Program facial mask to amplify the results.