Super Lifting Program

Super Lifting Halloween Event 2021

Creepy spooky halloween 2021...
A BoOoO0tiful contest was held where 28 demon ladies compete to be crowned top "beauties" πŸ‘»

How they look during Super Lifting

These brave ladies showed their halloween themed "SLP face" to raise awareness to more ladies on what Super Lifting Program could do!

How they look after Super Lifting

Wow! Just look at their radiant & moisturized face after SLP! Their face shape looks firmer too! πŸŽƒ Lets here their reviews!

I am a regular user of SLP and am into my 4th box, no regrets!
My skin looks more radiant, smooth and I also noticed lesser breakouts.

I have friends who asked me whether did I do something to my face, I said nope, just weekly SLP mask and also Epicure products.
– Teo Gek Eng

Instant brightening and lifting. Took a photo of my new arm sleeves for my friends but they commented on my youthful looking skin instead. It truly works! – Ting K L Ng

Minimizes pores and skin gets brighter!
– Carol Ng

I have eczema condition but after using SLP, i feel my skin is better. It lifts up my jaw line n my pores are smaller. My skin condition is so much better.
– Priscilla Kuan

1st time when i applied SLP to my face, i love it immediately. My face tighten during the treatment & after wash the smoothen of my face. wow…. the feeling is really excellent. This is my 5th boxes on this product already. My family members & beautician also commented my face has become more firm & sharp. I recommended this super product to all my colleagues, friends & relatives, etc. Everyone must give it a try & I am very sure, you will fall in love with this super product.
– Ivy Ang

Feels my skin getting tighter n tighter during the 30mins. After wash, feels so light and fresh.
– Adeline Ng

I have used SLP a few months, in fact when DNA just launched it! Have noticed that the pores on my face are smaller, the face is more radiant (especially the next 2 days after using) and the side of the jaw is lifted. Even the uneven skin color has improved!
– Shirley Tan

Have been using this every 5 days for 2 mths. My skin feels tight after using n skin glows even after feel days. Will continue with this treatment. Hv bought total 3 boxes! Will def recommend my friends to try.
– Joanne Cho

SLP has given me confident and solves my problematic skin condition. A product which all woman should have.
– Jessica Zhong

I was a witch during SLP and transformed to a η™½η™½ε«©ε«©ηš„ε°η™½ε…” after the treatment. I feel that my skin looks firmer and brighter after SLP. Simply loving it ❀️❀️
– Adeline Sa

After using SLP, my skin improved and feel smoother and radiant. My pigmentation lighten and my face looks smaller. Whenever I used SLP than follow by my make up, the makeup absorb into my face that makes me look prettier.. I trusted SLP and it’s really shows results and improved my skin texture. It’s was proven by my sisters that my face looks radiant, slimmer. Therefore, they also bought 1 box to try, πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ
– Adeline Liew

1st time using SLP but it show amazing results!! It’s make my skin grow, dullness and more firm then before!! Love this product so much 😘😘
– Chin Pui Lai

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